How to Protect Your Privacy From Your Internet Service Provider

We shouldn’t have to take extraordinary steps to limit how our personal information can be used, but that is clearly something that we are all forced to do now, writes Amul Kalia [at the Electronic Frontier Foundation].

We pay our monthly internet bill to be able to access the internet. We don’t pay it to give our internet service provider (ISP) a chance to collect and sell our private data to make more money. This was apparently lost on congressional Republicans as they voted to strip their constituents of their privacy. Even though our elected representatives have failed us, there are technical measures we can take to protect our privacy from ISPs. Bear in mind that these measures aren’t a replacement for the privacy rules that were repealed or would protect our privacy completely, but they will certainly help. Pick an ISP that respects your privacy
It goes without saying: If privacy is a concern of yours, vote with your wallet and pick an ISP that respects your privacy. Here is a list …

A Step by Step Guide to Configure Router [Infographics]


What Is Internet Speed And How Is Internet Speed Calculated?

Since last two decades, Internet has become an essential part of our life and our daily use of Internet service has developed exponentially too; it is a huge source of information and offers diverse platforms for connectivity as well. A very common term which comes into thought while using the Internet is the Internet Speed. Internet Speed Internet speed can be explained as the amount of data allowed to transmit per second and this data is measured in a number of bytes passed per second, the most common unit of measurement is Mbps. Internet speed can be largely classified into two sections namely Upload and Download, these speeds affect the time take to upload or download any form of data respectively. Having a good quality Internet speed is good for the user as it allows faster transmission of data and the user needs not to wait for a prolonged period of time. In most of the cases Download speed is given more priority and has better bandwidth than the Upload Speed, the primary reason fo…

Why Choose Leased Line Over Broadband Connection [Infographics]

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But why anybody need Leased Line?

There are lots of misconception revolve around Leased Line.

Following info-graphics explains Why you should choose Leased Line over Broadband Connection.

What makes Leased Line Connection better than other available options.

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What is Leased Line Connection and Its Advantages

What is a leased line? A leased line is said to be a private line that is given to a dedicated user this connection comes from various connections to provide you with the best of the connection in a way so that even if any one of the line fails the other can provide you with an uninterrupted connection.   Who must opt for a Leased Line? The leased line can be used by the corporate office, business companies, internet cafes, BPO’s, etc. Any place that requires an uninterrupted internet service is a place where the leased line must be used.
What are leased line used for? The leased line is not only for internet service but for other purposes like follows- 1. The main reason that is internet service. 2. To make phone calls. 3. Allowing the staff members to connect to their personal office computers from home itself. 4. And to link the personal computer of different corporate offices together, an organisation like banks need this service also the bigger corporate office need this type of service. W…

Things To Remember While Choosing Internet Service Provider

Spoilt-for-choice is a term every customer is familiar with, and as a user seeking an Internet Service Provider, it can be said with surety that the term applies to you too. Your online search will yield many results, and as you click on the results and start going through the plans, you may begin to wonder which ISP is best suited for you.
Type “Best ISP provider in India” in your Google search box and the number of results shown in 0.62 seconds will be around 4, 02,000.  Now you cannot be expected to go through all the sites and the millions of search results and if for some reason, you do, you will be reading outdated, useless information, which is of no use to you or your search for a broadband plan.  However, if you stick to the top results, you will truly be spoilt-for-choice, as the Internet Service Providers, from all over the country, try to convince you that they are the best.
But, to choose the best ISP providers there are a few things that you should keep in mind: 1. Speed – Th…